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Design needs responsiveness

The required responsiveness needs to be found in those minds, courageous enough to stand up, fulfill all compulsory needs and, nevertheless, desire to leave a footprint by design in order to
- brand culture beside function
- enhance movement in space
- generate a new image for an existing address
- reorganize connectivity in between uses and areas constructively.

These creative approaches will then luckily have consequences in
- telling the story of place in a new way by finding and freeing “caught factors of locational advantage”
- changing the perception of space by alienating the location spatially,
- establishing a new “topography of values” for structural conditions of built form and open spaces in a city, town or region,
- helping people discovering their own neighborhood as a lively place, to be occupied in a new way
- renewing the overall economy of place for the benefit of people and of the environment holistically.

Exhibitor: Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH


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