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Creative approaches

... are to be called culturally “successful”, if they hold economically in the long term on the – international - real estate markets, sharpening the competition among places and towns for the benefit of the respective spatial unit, which contributes by its uniqueness to the value of the region. That means, the profile of the future architect needs to seize the whole range of multi-disciplinary factors of building space, however needs to be talented to jump over requested compromises of “cost-efficiency” by generating new images and their structures, textures, materialities. The orientation for appropriate creative approaches and their aims for implementation has different roots in history and present. There are (according to Patrick Schumacher, Public Lecture at Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau, March 2003) basically four historical levels of anthropologic understandings of space, equally marking the present by overlaying each other, binding the potential identification of people with spaces:
- the territorial framework of origin, relative to antique times
- the permanent address of origin, relative to the land-bound feudalism
- the type of profession, relative to industrial routines of earning money
- the individual activities, society-bound, in the discoursive contexts of the late-industrial and science-oriented culture-production.

Exhibitor: Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH


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