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About us

HASCHER JEHLE Architektur was founded by Rainer Hascher and Sebastian Jehle in 1993. Thomas Kramps joined the executive team in 2005, the former associates Fleur Keller, Markus Häffner and Jens-Peter Riepen in 2022.

Together with our team of about 70 employees based in Berlin and Stuttgart, we have proven successful in both competitions and the realization of our award-winning design projects in Germany and abroad.

The specifics of a site and it‘s context, the special requirements of function and the clients‘ needs form the basis of our concepts and designs that unite these aspects into a coherent and unique entity.

HASCHER JEHLE Architektur is a founding member of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) such as of the BIM Allianz network.

KUNSTMUSEUM STUTTGART, DE | Cultural Building GFA 13.000 m² | completion 2005

MESSE FRANKFURT, DE | Trade and Commerce Building GFA 120.095 m² | completion 2009

NEUES GYMNASIUM BOCHUM, DE | Education Building GFA 13.435 m² | completion 2012

EXTENSION ADBK Nuremberg, DE | Education Building GFA 2.895 m² | completion 2013

REMS-MURR-CLINICAL CENTRE, WINNENDEN, DE | Health Building | GFA 69.689 m² | completion 2014

MONTFORTHAUS FELDKIRCH, AT | Cultural Building GFA 12.650 m² | completion 2015

ZOOM BERLIN, DE | Retail and Office Building | GFA 22.948 m² | completion 2018 | DGNB Gold

LISTER DREIECK HANOVER, DE | Office Building GFA 30.497 m² | completion 2019 | DGNB Platin

LTZ CAMPUS GIESSEN, DE | Educational Building | GFA 14.057 m² | completion 2019

MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING CAMPUS FRA-UAS, DE | Educational Building | GFA 7.474 m² | completion 2022


Kantstr. 17
10623 Berlin

E-mail: info@hascherjehle.de
Phone:  +49 30 347976-50
Internet: www.hascherjehle.de
Johannesstr. 39-45
70176 Stuttgart

E-mail: info@hascherjehle.de
Phone:  +49 711 410212-85
Internet: www.hascherjehle.de

Contact person:

Anita Sinanian
E-mail: a.sinanian@hascherjehle.de
Phone: +49 30 347976-77

Products & Services

HASCHER JEHLE Architektur provides a wide range of building typologies:

  • Office and Administration
  • Culture and Public 
  • Health and Laboratory
  • Education and Research
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Residential and Hotel
  • Revitalisation


The construction marks the beginning of the redevelopment of this inner-city site. The building complex, which combines four courts into a single unit, consists of six connected structures that recreates a meandering structure staggered in height and encloses three courtyards. One of these courtyards is the roofed, fourstorey atrium, the centre of the complex and the heart of the hall wing. Generous outdoor stairs mark the entrance and lead visitors directly into the atrium.
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JUSTICE CENTER BOCHUM | Administration and Office Building GFA 43.003 m² | completion 2017

Entrance | A generous open staircase marks the entrance and leads visitors directly into the atrium

Atrium | A dynamic structure of galleries, stairs and waiting areas opens up the courtrooms

Courtroom tract | The covered, four-story atrium is the center of the complex


Concept of an Open House
The new four-section theater with state-of-the-art stage technology and variable performance possibilities communicates with its surrounding historic buildings, but at the same time sets a self-confident architectural accent.
Curved volumes offset against each other form an accessible sculpture. The roof terrace of the almost 36-meter-high stage tower offers highly attractive panoramic views over the historic city center, as well as the Warnow river and the Baltic Sea.
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VOLKSTHEATER ROSTOCK | Cultural Building GFA 29.293 m² | realisation 2021-2028 | @ CtrlViz, Munich

Great Hall visualisation: @ CtrlViz, Munich

visualisation: @ CtrlViz, Munich


The guiding concept idea of the residential development on Conrad-Blenkle-Strasse is the completion of the urban layout by a street-side perimeter block development. This clear, basic figure is accentuated by the concise, tree-lined incisions along the street fronts, which give the building its distinctive appearance. These generous, vertical caesurae mark the entrances, giving the building clear legible addresses while creating an identity-forming recognizable icon.
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CBS 29 HOUSING PRENZLAUER BERG BERLIN | Residential Building GFA 43.000 m² | completion 2021

Residential Courtyard @ Frank Woelffing Photography, Berlin

Four representative entrance areas @ Frank Woelffing Photography, Berlin

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