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Nickl & Partner Architekten AG

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About us

Our internationally active office devotes itself to the planning and construction of buildings in the health care, research and social housing sectors, as well as town planning for the private and public sectors. Our goal is to create modern buildings which positively boost working and living spaces. To us, architecture means understanding and ordering things whilst focusing upon people. To a large extent, the designs of Nickl & Partner Architekten are based upon the actions and needs of people who work, live and receive health care there. Their wellbeing in addition to the perfection, functional interplay of flexible spatial designs and exciting materials is our key concern when performing our work. We rank among the leading architect’s offices in Germany in the fields of medical facilities, clinics and research institutes. Our specialist expertise in the fields of technology and building materials is very extensive and our innovative concepts have proved themselves over a period of more than 4 decades.

Nickl & Partner Architekten AG, Lindberghatelier Munich

New research building SupraFab, FU Berlin

Campus Derendorf, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

BCDC - Beijing Center for Disease Control

Helmholtz Institute of Ulm University HIU

German Embassy in Burkina Faso

New rehabilitation and supply building Klinikum Osnabrueck

Cantonal Hospital Baden


Nickl & Partner Architekten AG
Lindberghstr. 19
80939 Munich

E-mail: pr@nickl-architekten.de
Phone:  +49 89 360514-0
Internet: www.nickl-partner.com
Nickl & Partner Architekten Schweiz AG
Hardturmstr. 76
8005 Zürich

E-mail: mail@nickl-partner.ch
Phone:  +41 43 5442750
Internet: www.nickl-partner.com/ch
Nickl & Partner France SAS
7, rue René Goscinny
75013 Paris

E-mail: a.beem@nickl-partner.fr
Phone:  +33 6 4040 2471
Internet: www.nickl-partner.com/fr

Products & Services

Nickl & Partner devotes itself to the planning and construction of buildings in the health care, research and social housing sectors, as well as town planning for the private and public sectors. Founded in Germany in 1979, we have offices in Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, Beijing, and Jakarta.

Healing Architecture
Learning and Research
Urban planning

D-BSSE Laboratory and Research Building, ETH Zurich, Basel

The building of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) of ETH Zurich is a new visual landmark on the Schällemätteli Life Sciences Campus in Basel. In a complex location, the facets of the polygon mediate between the surrounding architectures. The diverse uses – laboratories, evaluation zones, seminar rooms – are arranged along the atrium. Places of student learning enliven the ground floor, while the laboratories of the research groups are located on the upper floors.
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BSSE_Areal view




BRB - Biomedical Research Building, UPEC, Paris-Créteil

To support the development of translational research at the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI) and the Institut Mondor de Recherche Biomédicale (IMRB), a new building dedicated to biomedical research is being built on the Henri Mondor campus in Paris-Créteil. A centre of excellence in experimental medicine, essential for the development of translational medical research, to bring together high-level scientific teams around state-of-the-art equipment.
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AGNES - New Baden Canton Hospital building

The AGNES forms a new urban building block within the existing fine-grained structure of the Baden Canton Hospital. Following the topography, the building is embedded in the landscape in the form of two interlocking rectangles, with the close link to nature and its surroundings also being taken up in the interior. Patients, visitors and staff feel this as soon as they enter the building through its green inner courtyard.
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AGNES_Exterior view

AGNES_Construction site


AGNES_Entrance hall

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