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About us

Sascha Zander and Christian Roth founded the zanderroth office in Berlin in 1999, a time following the fall of the Berlin Wall when the city’s urban structure was beginning to expand again on the basis of its parcel structure from the Gründerzeit era, i.e. “founding years.” Today, the office is known for making innovative, experimental, and affordable housing, as well as for effective building group concepts that have been used to develop and realize numerous projects. Beyond its focus on innovative housing construction, the firm is deeply engaged in developing new urban planning concepts.

A hallmark of zanderroth’s architecture is the rigorousness of its conception, organization, and design, as can be seen in its multiple award-winning housing projects in Berlin – including projects at Zelterstrasse, Liebigstrasse, Pasteurstrasse, und Thulestrasse.

zanderroth, founding partners Christian Roth and Sascha Zander © Julia Zierer

pionier - High-rise apartment living with social solidarity © zanderroth gmbh

spb - New development of two residential buildings, Berlin © Simon Menges, Berlin

th62 - New development of six apartment buildings, Berlin © Simon Menges, Berlin

pa1925 - New development of a residential ensemble and a retail store, Berlin © Simon Menges, Berlin

m17 - New development of a residential building, Berlin © zanderroth gmbh

riv - New development of a residential building Europacity, Berlin © Simon Menges, Berlin

cb19 - New development of two residential buildings, Berlin © Simon Menges, Berlin

we152 - Urban development Funkwerk Koepenick, Berlin © zanderroth gmbh


zanderroth gmbh
Dunckerstr. 63
10439 Berlin

E-mail: kontakt@zanderroth.de
Phone:  +49 30 40505760
Internet: www.zanderroth.de

Contact person:

Milena Kalojanov
PR & Business Development
E-mail: pr@zanderroth.de
Phone: +49 30 40505760

Products & Services

Zanderroth is a competent, professional contact for all innovative planning and construction tasks. Zanderroth covers all performance stages for building planning in accordance with the German fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI).

Depending on the task at hand, we involve experienced expert offices for planning purposes, allowing us to offer our customers general planning services in addition to building planning:

  • Building planning, performance stages 1-9 (LPH 1-8 or 1-5) and urban planning
  • General planning
  • Project management
  • Project development
  • Content focus: development, planning and implementation of a range of projects in the field of housing construction in Germany
  • Development of innovative, sustainable and urban housing construction and urban development concepts with the aim of high-quality, resource-saving construction
  • Development of building group concepts with up to 360 units that are tailored towards the specific requirements of the respective users

th62 - New development of six apartment buildings Thulestrasse 62, Berlin

The six free-standing structures are located in a park-like, car-free, urban landscape that opens up to the sky in all directions. The residential ensemble is characterized by its “vertical gardens”, which lend the buildings a highly unusual atmosphere by creating private, vertical gardens in the middle of the city. The buildings each have 66 different living units with varying floor plans, from 1.5-room apartments with 43 sqm, to penthouse apartments with 209 sqm.
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Central area with quality of play and stay © Simon Menges, Berlin

View of the ensemble © Simon Menges, Berlin

Vertical gardens © Simon Menges, Berlin

Interior view of an apartment © Simon Menges, Berlin

Naturally lighted atrium © Simon Menges, Berlin

Detail of the facade © Simon Menges, Berlin

li01 - New development of six residential buildings Liebigstrasse 1, Berlin

The ensemble of six point houses is situated in the midst of a 5.000 sqm park-like landscape in a very central location. The new “quarter” at Liebigstrasse 1 is quiet and condenses the existing urban structure in a gentle way. A distinction is made between two different building typologies: 2 x VI-storey, 4 x VII-storey, and also between 6-7 different apartment types including a garden apartment.
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View of the ensemble © Simon Menges, Berlin

View of the central green axis © Simon Menges, Berlin

One of the six free-standing point houses © Simon Menges, Berlin

View of the mutually staggered position of the point houses © Simon Menges, Berlin

ze05 - New development of a residential estate Zelterstrasse 5, Berlin

The building in Zelterstrasse is an ensemble of 23 townhouses, 10 garden houses behind it and 12 penthouses above it. In between, there is a large garden courtyard with a garage beneath it. The advantages of one’s “own home” while retaining the density of a residential estate add significance to the aspect of community. The separated, yet overlapping access to the building gives the project an additional village character in terms of its use.
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View from the street © Simon Menges, Berlin

Rooftop terraces of the townhouses © Simon Menges, Berlin

Interior view of a Penthouse © Simon Menges, Berlin

View of the greenery community garden © Michael Feser

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